Defining Luxury With Granite: Choosing The Best Surface Materials For Your Home

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granite worktop repair

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granite worktopFormed from molten volcanic larvae, and constructed into a beautifully polished stone, granite is a highly decorative and luxurious surface material for a variety of home furnishings such as vanity tops, flooring, kitchen work surfaces and much more. If you’re wondering – can granite worktops be repaired? Or how many granite colour options are available? Not to worry. Here at Griggs Masonry, we provide a vast range of granite finishes as well as professional repair services to suit all your surface needs.

When choosing granite for your home surfaces you can enjoy:    


Luxury Appeal 


Enhance your home with the luxurious appeal of natural granite stone. From its unique geographical characteristics to its veining mineral composition, granite is one of the most decorative and interesting surface options available. The stunning natural stone can bring any home project to life as it is not only extremely durable but also takes an excellent polish.


Easy Repair & Maintenance


You might be wondering – can granite worktops be repaired? Of course, they can, when done by our team of experienced professionals here at Griggs Masonry. Keep your treasured pieces of granite looking its very best with our reliable repair services. Let us lovingly restore and maintain your worktops, fireplaces, tables or any other surfaces or flooring that might require repair or maintenance.


Wide Range Of Colours 


Here at Griggs Masonry, we offer a fantastic range of 15 different types of granite sourced from all over the world to fit your desired colour scheme. Explore a gorgeous variety of colours and textures that are sure to provide a stunning finish and suit any interior style.

Looking for the best work surfaces for your home? Wondering if your granite worktop can be repaired? Discover our impressive range of luxury products and contact us today to learn more about our flexible services.  

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